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Other types of fostering

Foster to adopt

Foster to adopt was introduced to minimise the number of moves a child might have before they are legally adopted. In this situation the child or children would be placed with carers who have been approved as both foster carers and adoptive parents. The child is initially cared for under fostering regulations. When the child is ready to be adopted, they will remain with the same family and the status will change from foster carers to adoptive parents.

Connected persons / Family and friends fostering

‘Connected persons’ or family and friends carers look after a child who is related to them or with whom they have a close relationship. When a child or young person needs to be fostered, we have a responsibility to make arrangements wherever possible for a child in care to live with a member of the family or a friend and they will need to be approved as a foster carer.

Private fostering

If you are providing care for a child aged 16 or under, to whom you are not closely related, for more than 28 days, you need to notify us. For more information, see our Private fostering leaflet.

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