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Supported Lodgings fostering

What is the Supported Lodgings scheme?

Surrey Supported Lodgings scheme provides safe, supportive, home-based accommodation to young people who are aged 16 to 21 and in the care of Surrey County Council's Children's Services or who have recently left care. Supported lodgings carers can work full-time as long as they are still have time available to support the young person in their care.

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What can I offer?

You will need to have a spare room and be willing to share the kitchen, living room and bathroom with the young person. Supported Lodgings could be right for you if you are:

  • flexible, caring and enjoy the company of young people.
  • able to help young people with practical skills such as cooking, applying for jobs and filling in forms.
  • available to offer emotional support as the young person moves towards independence.
  • have time to mentor and support the young person living with you.

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What support and training do I get?

It takes around four months to be assessed as a Supported Lodgings carer. You will undertake a two day induction and every year you need to attend an annual training day which is usually in the autumn. You will also be able to access the foster carer training programme.

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What will I be paid?

We will pay you an allowance of £186.13 a week, which is for your time supporting the young person living with you. Young people in Supported Lodgings are charged £70 a week rent. This is paid from their housing benefit or wages, or from a combination of the two. If the young person you are caring for is sharing the household food, they are expected to make a contribution of £20.

"Supported Lodgings has allowed me to flourish in a new atmosphere. I feel more at liberty to express myself as I have developed the confidence to do so with active support." (Young person in Supported Lodgings.)

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