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Parent and Child fostering

What is the Parent and Child fostering scheme?

Sometimes we're concerned about a parent's capacity to care for their baby or young child and so they need to be assessed. The parent and child live with you either whilst a parenting assessment is completed, or your observations and good record-keeping inform professionals in enabling them to reach a decision.

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What can I offer?

You will make a really big difference during this time. Sometimes the parents learn valuable parenting skills from the foster carer; their ability to parent their child improves and they are able to continue caring for their child when they leave you. However sometimes the professionals involved or the parent themselves may decide for various reasons this is not possible.

You will have a good understanding of child development and be able to build a good working relationship with vulnerable young adults. You or your partner will need to consider this as a full-time role with no other employment.

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What support and training do I get?

In addition to the generic training offered to all our foster carers including the pre-approval course Skills to Foster, you will have access to a monthly clinical support group led by CAMHS workers who specialise in infant health. You will also have access to a less formal support group that comprises of Parent & Child carers once a month and will have two to four weekly visits from your supervising social worker.

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What will I be paid?

The table below explains the payment structure for Parent and Child carers.

Per family and child per week

For each child

For each parent

£168.28 + £113.83 = £282.11

£254.45 + £113.83 = £368.28

+ £113.83 (Specific allowance per week)

= £764.22 per week (for one parent and one child)

"Wow – what a thrill it is as a parent and child carer to not only have a teenager (whose company we really enjoy) but also her delightful three-month old baby boy with us. We feel privileged to share in their lives at this early stage." (Parent and Child carer.)