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One to One fostering

What is the One to One scheme?

One to One fostering gives some of Surrey's most traumatised and vulnerable young people the opportunity to live in a stable family environment. As a result, we only accept applicants who have a minimum of two years' experience working with young people, either in a paid or voluntary capacity.

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What can I offer as a One to One foster carer?

For many different reasons we feel the children placed with you would benefit from your full attention, and therefore you would only have one young person placed with you at a time. If you have your own children, we ask that you wait until they are 16 before applying to become a One to One foster carer. We expect you to view this role as your full-time job; if you are single you cannot take on other employment, and if in a couple one of you must be at home all the time.

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What support and training do I get?

You will have access to the same training and development opportunities as all of our foster carers including the Skills to Foster course. You will also have monthly support groups specifically for the One to One foster carers and weekly supervision with your supervising social worker.

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What will I be paid as a One to One foster carer?

To reflect the demanding nature of this type of care, you will be paid a retainer of £510.03 a week as a One to One carer and an allowance for each child placed with you which is £168.28 for ages 0 to 10 and £254.45 for ages 11 to 18. We also provide four weeks' paid annual leave.

"As a One to One carer I've learnt there's no such thing as a casual conversation. For example, the child and I were discussing an article about drugs and I realised she was upset. It led to a deeper conversation about something from her past." (One to One foster carer.)