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What are the types of fostering and what will I be paid?

You can foster with Surrey County Council in a number of different ways, and the payment that you receive will depend on the type of fostering that you do and your skills and experience as a foster carer.

The following pages will tell you about the different types of fostering that Surrey offers, and the training, support and payments for each. They will help you decide which sort of fostering might be right for you although you do not have to decide this right at the start of the approval process. You might even combine some of the different types of fostering depending on your circumstances. This can be one of the aspects of fostering that you explore with your assessing social worker.

Long-term or Permanent

Providing a home for a child until they reach adulthood

More : Long-term or Permanent fostering


Fostering a child for up to 2 years

More : Short-term fostering

One to One

Giving intensive support to one child

More about One to One fostering

Short Breaks

Offering regular care for a child with disabilities

More about Short Breaks fostering

Supported Lodgings

Helping a young person reach independence

More about Supported Lodgings fostering

Parent and Child

Supporting a parent to care for their child in your home

More about Parent and Child fostering