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How to become a foster carer

By becoming one of our foster carers you'll be joining Surrey's biggest family, where you'll be part of a growing support network intent on making the lives of children and young people better.

You'll have your own supervising social worker who will visit you every six weeks, more frequently if needed. You will also have access to family support workers as well as other foster carers who you'll meet and who will become an invaluable support network for you.

1. Early interest

  • You search for information about fostering via the internet.
  • And/or you attend one of the events to meet our foster carers.

2. Enquiry stage

  • You phone our enquiry line.
  • We visit you at home to discuss fostering in depth.
  • If we think it's the right thing for you to foster, we send you an application form.

3. Application stage

  • We carry out checks and references.
  • You attend the Skills to Foster training.
  • We visit you at home 8–10 times to gather information for the assessment.
  • We assign you an experienced foster carer who will support you through the process and your first year of fostering.
  • We invite you to a monthly prospective foster carer group, where you get to know other foster carers.

4. Approval stage

  • You attend the panel with your assessing social worker. The fostering panel is a group of 8-10 people representing fostering, who have read your assessment report, will ask you some questions, and make a recommendation whether you should be approved to foster.
  • The panel recommends whether to approve you.
  • The Agency Decision Maker makes the final decision.

Congratulations, you are now a foster carer!

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