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Safeguarding adults training courses and competency framework

Latest update - Update on SSAB Training programme - 12 April 2018

Safeguarding adults training

Taking responsibility for learning and development is key to having a skilled and competent workforce able to take on the roles and responsibilities required to protect adults at risk and ensure we respond appropriately when adult abuse or neglect does occur.

The programme of training courses is designed to give people working (paid or voluntary) in Surrey the training opportunities that will increase their knowledge and understanding of safeguarding adults. All of this training is multi-agency (with the exception of the e-learning packages). Training with people from other agencies and organisations promotes a mutual understanding of each others roles and responsibilities and facilitates the joint effort required to reduce and respond to adult abuse across Surrey.

There is further information in the Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board Framework on best practice for staff training that is available from the section headed Files available to download.

Competency framework

In February 2017, Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board published the revised Multi Agency Competency Framework. The framework is a guide in developing and meeting each organisations individual responsibility for ensuring a competent workforce. It has been designed to be a working document that is simple to use in all organisations and can be used to evidence the right levels of training for all staff. Please see the Competency Framework and associated guidance.

Training Programme 2018

The Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) training programme is currently being developed. This will involve a substantially revised programme. There will be a wide variety of courses available around Section 42 safeguarding enquiries, safeguarding responsibilities and specific types of abuse. There will be a new online booking and payments system. These courses will be organised directly by the Board.

For e-Learning (Level 1 training), we recognise releasing staff (paid or volunteers) from their job is challenging, particularly for smaller organisations, therefore we will produced an e-learning package.

If you wish to contact the Board support team about the courses please email:

Other training opportunities

Prevent training

SSAB encourages professionals who may come into contact with vulnerable adults at risk of being radicalised, to access the Home Office training on Prevent.

Domestic Abuse training

There is a training programme available in Surrey for professionals requiring training on domestic abuse.

Female Genital Mutilation

The Home Office have made free Female Genital Mutilation e-learning and a resource pack available.

Financial abuse

Information and resources are available from the National Trading Standards team on their Friends Against Scams page.

Modern Slavery

An e-learning course on Modern Slavery is available from NHS Health Education England. Please see Identifying and Supporting Victims of Modern Slavery.

Safeguarding children

The Surrey Safeguarding Children's Board has an extensive range of safeguarding children training available.

E-learning courses are available below