Information sharing protocol for multi agency staff

Information sharing during Covid-19

Dame Fiona Caldicott stated in an article published on 3 April:

"Information sharing must be done differently to support the fight against COVID-19 and to protect citizens compared to ordinary times. Information may need to be shared more quickly and widely across organisations than normal, or different types of information may need to be collected and used."

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Agencies across Surrey are working together in order to share appropriate information in a safe and secure manner with the purpose of protecting Surrey's citizens.

Covid-19 privacy notice

Sharing information about individuals between public authorities is often essential if we need to keep people safe, or ensure they get the best services. This sharing must only happen when it is legal and necessary to do so and adequate safeguards are in place to protect the security of the information.

Context - Specific Protocols - Tier 2 Protocols

Follow the link for Surrey crime and disorder information sharing protocol.

The Surrey Multi-Agency Information Sharing Protocol (MAISP)

The Surrey Multi-Agency Information Sharing Protocol (MAISP) is an agreed set of principles about sharing personal or confidential information. It enables each organisation signed up to the protocol to understand the circumstances in which it should share information and what its responsibilities are. The Surrey MAISP has been developed in partnership by representatives from Surrey's county and district councils, the health service and Surrey Police.

The Surrey MAISP does not replace context-specific protocols, but provides a framework within which they can all operate. It provides both a common understanding for all the agencies in Surrey to work to and is recommended for use as a template for situations where there is no context-specific protocol. Organisations that sign up to an approved context-specific information sharing protocol automatically become signatories of the Surrey MAISP, the over-arching protocol and are bound by its principles.

See the guidance on context specific information sharing protocols (PDF) and the process for compliance with the Surrey MAISP.

Surrey MAISP User Group

The Surrey MAISP User Group (DOC) meets quarterly to take forward issues of membership, governance, maintenance and updating of the protocol. The group approves context-specific information sharing protocols to ensure that these are MAISP compliant.

The Surrey MAISP is based on the ICO's Code of Practice on Information Sharing. Currently the ICO are working on updating the code and have launched a call for views. The updated code will explain and advise on changes to data protection legislation where these changes are relevant to information sharing. It will address key aspects of the new legislation including transparency, lawful bases for processing, the new accountability principle and the requirement to record processing activities.

Once the revised Code of practice is issued the Surrey MAISP and accompanying documentation will be revised. If you are a current signatory and would like to be part of the revision of the MAISP please contact Grisilda Ponniah Email:

Signing up to the Surrey MAISP

To sign up organisations should complete the Surrey MAISP sign-up form (PDF) and send it to:

Surrey MAISP User Group
Grisilda Ponniah
C/O Corporate Information Governance Manager
Legal and Democratic Services
Surrey County Council
County Hall, Room 129
Kingston upon Thames

For advice or guidance please contact your own organisation's Information Governance Officer, or Surrey County Council's Corporate Information Governance Manager via email:

Signatories of the Surrey MAISP:

Our partner agencies include all Districts and Boroughs in Surrey as well as Surrey Police and some Health Agencies.

Please see attached a complete list of MAISP signatories.

Information Sharing Leaflet

An information leaflet (DOC) has been produced to help you to promote the use of the Surrey MAISP within your own organisation. The leaflet is provided in a Microsoft Word format to allow you to customise page 2 with your own organisation's contact details and training arrangements.

Files available to download