Information sharing for professionals

As professionals working within Surrey, it is important that you have access to the information and training you need to support you in the way in which you share information.

Any advice provided should be used in conjunction with your own policies and procedures.

Find out more...

  • Information sharing protocols for multi agency staff - Sets out the 10 'Golden Rules', which can be applied in any context to enable legal and efficient information exchange (appendices 1 and 6).
  • Every Child Matters guidance for professionals- An overview of the Every Child Matters Guidance, with links to order your own copies of the materials published.
  • Caldicott Principles for Social Care and Health - A brief guide to the Caldicott Principles which work alongside the Data Protection Act within Social Care and Health to ensure all information is handled correctly and in an appropriate manner.
  • Data Protection Principles - Information regarding the eight data protection principles which must be complied with by anyone handling personal information.
  • Confidential Information - A short guide to what constitutes confidential information and how any information that may fall within this category must be handled.
  • Obtaining Consent - An explanation as to when and how consent must be sought from families before information can be shared, and when information can be shared without consent.