The roles of people involved in the Family Group Conference

There may be several different people involved in the meeting, alongside you, your family and child/young person. They will have different roles. Here's what each is responsible for.

The Family Group Conference coordinator

The coordinator works with you, provides support, can explain things to you and also:

  • arranges the time, date and place for the conference
  • looks into the wider family network you may have who can help
  • encourages all the relevant people to attend the meeting
  • chairs the first part of the conference, where information is shared
  • helps clarify the plan that is made
  • let's the family feedback the plan to the others at the conference.

The social worker

This person:

  • refers the child or young person and their family to the Family Group Conference Service
  • makes sure the family is prepared for the conference
  • provides information at the conference on any concerns they know of and about the resources available to the family
  • notes the plan and monitors and reviews how it's going – and gives support to help the family carry out the plan.

Other professionals

Others involved can include GPs, teachers, solicitors, health visitors or other social workers. Their role is:

  • to carry out any assessments needed and share information with others at the conference
  • give information to the family about what services and help are available
  • implement their part of the plan
  • be part of agreeing, monitoring and reviewing the plan and arrangements.

Support person

A support person – chosen by you – can be someone close to you or a professional, who will speak for you if you don't want to. It is your decision whether you have a support person or not.

  • Updated: 13 May 2015