Support for young people and their families

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There is a range of help and support available for young people and their families in Surrey.

Have your say

You have the right to be listened to when decisions are being made about you, and to be treated fairly. The people around you should ask what you think and involve you in making decisions about yourself. Your social worker and your Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) have special responsibility to ask you about your wishes and feelings.

What if you are not happy with the way you're being cared for?

Try and tell someone if you are not happy. You have a right to be listened to and you should tell your social worker or talk to someone else who you trust - like a teacher, independent visitor or member of your family.

You can also contact the Children's and Education (SEND) Customer Relations Team to talk about whether you want to make a complaint and whether you want an advocate to support you with that.

Independent visitors

What is an independent visitor?

An adult who comes to visit you or takes you out once per month.

Who are independent visitors?

They are not social workers or foster carers but volunteers. Someone who will listen to you and advise you.

What would I do when I saw my independent visitor?

You both decide what you would like to do, for example going for a pizza, the cinema or a walk in the park.

How can I get an independent visitor?

You can get an independent visitor if you are looked after and if you don't have much contact with your family. Your Social Worker or your Independent Review Officer can tell you more and put you in touch with the Independent Visitor Coordinator.

Can an independent visitor come to my review?

Independent visitors can go to any meeting if you invite them.

Will my independent visitor tell people about the things we have discussed?

No, they only have to tell someone if they are worried about you or another person.

To contact the independent visitor coordinator:


Write to: Independent Visitors, Fairmount House, Bull Hill, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7AH

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