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Protecting children from harm

Our vision is for every child and young person to be safe, health, creative and have the personal confidence, skills and opportunities to contribute and achieve more than thought possible. Our ambitions are captured in our children's health, wellbeing and safeguarding plan.

Our children and young people's strategy 2012-2017 explains how we work so that children and young people in Surrey, including the most vulnerable, can be happy, healthy and well educated, have access to high quality leisure, cultural and economic opportunities at each stage in their childhood and make a positive contribution to society.

Keeping children safe

We work with social services, health, probation, education and the police to safeguard and protect children from neglect or abuse. The work to safeguard children in Surrey is co-ordinated by the Surrey Safeguarding Children Board and focuses on:

  • identifying and preventing ill treatment or impairment of health and development – and ensuring children grow up in a safe and supported way
  • protecting children who are suffering or at risk of suffering harm
  • proactive work with targeted groups.

If you are worried that a child you know is being abused or neglected please contact us. Your name and address will be kept confidential although we will let you know if we need to identify you in any court proceedings needed to keep the child safe.


We also provide support for young people and their families.

Missing children

If your child or one you know is missing call 999 to report it to the police immediately.

If a child or young person goes missing from care we have guidance for everyone involved.

More help and advice is available to anyone with concerns about a missing child from:


The Care Quality Commission can look into concerns or complaints about, amongst other things, social care.