Protecting children from harm

Protecting vulnerable children and young people from harm and keeping them safe, is a top priority for Surrey Children's Services.

Getting it right for you and your family

Safeguarding children and young people means:

  • protecting you from abuse and neglect,
  • creating a safe environment for you to live, and
  • providing the right support for you and your family as early as possible.

If you are a child or young person being abused or neglected, or an adult who is concerned about a child or young person's safety and wellbeing, please contact children's services.

In an emergency situation, please contact the police on 999.

Child protection conferences

The following video explains how a child protection conference works for you.

If you want to know more, a longer version of this video is available on YouTube.

If we are worried about your safety, we will hold a meeting that is called a child protection conference. This meeting will include other people who know you and your family, for example, your school teacher or health visitor.

If you cannot come to the meeting, it's important that your wishes and feelings are heard. The Child Protection Chair (CP Chair) ensures you get the support and care you need, will make sure that everyone listens to you. Listening to you is the most important way to gather your views and to understand the problems you and your family are having right now. It's also a way for us to understand the effect everything is having on you.

You have a voice and we want to listen. To help you prepare and participate in your child protection conference, we have created a Listen to me booklet [PDF] for you to use.

At the child protection conference meeting

Everyone at the meeting will talk about what is going well for you and whether things could be better. If something is happening that shouldn't be, they will talk about how to make it stop. If some things need to change, they will make a plan to help you be safe and healthy.

It is the responsibility of people at the meeting to make recommendations on how everyone will work together to keep you safe in the future. To learn more about what the child protection chair does, please read our CP Chair one-minute guide [PDF].

If you don't understand something

If you don't understand what someone says, you can ask them. You can also ask your social worker or the child protection chair to explain and help you understand.

If you are unhappy with the support provided by Surrey Children's Services, you can contact children's rights and advocacy service by phoning 01483 519095 or emailing They can provide advice on the relevant complaint process and other options that may be available to you.

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