Surrey Family Support Programme referrals

The Surrey Family Support Programme means working more closely and effectively with key partners. The programme uses a whole family approach involving everyone in the family including grandparents, parents, young people and children. It allows families to build on their strengths while helping them to overcome some of the concerns, difficulties, challenges or obstacles they may have in their lives.

Our aim is:

  • work with our partner agencies to identify families with multiple needs
  • provide each of these families with intensive whole family outreach support in their own homes
  • bring together all the practitioners working with each family to work as a team around the family and agree a single assessment of family needs and a single plan to support the family
  • improve partnership working and family outcomes as a result.

For more information contact your local family support team.

If you are worried about a child or young person in need of help you should contact the Surrey Children's Single Point of Access (SPA) on 0300 470 9100. Where appropriate you should gain the consent of the family.

You can find all the information you'll need to make referrals below.

Files available to download