Assessment, consultation and therapy (ACT) - working with professionals

The ACT team works with children, young people, parents/carers, educational settings, social care professionals and partner agencies to reduce sexual abuse by children and young people.

The team provides the following help:

Educational settings

In schools we run children and young people with sexually harmful behaviour training workshops (PDF) to help schools think about:

  • creating a safe and open environment
  • what is and isn't appropriate behaviour
  • training on managing sexualised behaviour (run with the Surrey Safeguarding Children Board)
  • policies on sexualised behaviour and abuse
  • support for staff.

If you are trying to evaluate sexual behaviour in your educational setting, use one of these checklists. They are to help decision-making but do not replace the need for discussion by those in your school who have designated child protection responsibilities.

When you finish the checklist, you can use the decision matrix, which guides you through your options.

Our worksheet (PDF) can help you think about how to manage sexualised behaviour in your school or nursery.

Partner agencies and social care professionals

We work with social services, schools, the police, courts, youth offending teams, health services and mental health services, providing the following.

  • Consultation: discussing concerns about a young person's sexually problematic behaviour, consultation for individuals, teams or agencies on things like clinical supervision, aspects of case management, professional context.
  • Training: courses and workshops from awareness-raising to direct therapeutic work, plus staff training for those working with these clients and education and residential staff on how to identify and manage sexually problematic behaviour.
  • Assessment: we offer initial and comprehensive assessments which aim to:
    • find out the young person's needs and placement requirements
    • assess the risk the young person poses to themselves and the community.
  • Therapy: working with the young person and family/carers, we offer a therapy programme to help young person explore and understand their issues and focus on their psychosexual, cognitive and emotional development. Therapy approaches we use include cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, systemic, play, art and drama therapy.

Procedures for social care professionals

The Surrey Safeguarding Children's Board manual (section 5.6) includes a procedure relating to children displaying sexually harmful behaviour as does the Surrey County Council's Children's Service procedures manual (PDF).

Contact us

To make a referral, have an initial discussion or join one of our induction mornings please email or phone 01483 519606.

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