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Child safety at home and out and about

There are so many things to look out for as your children grow up. Here are some sources of information you may find useful.

At home

  • Safekids - tips advice and guidance on child safety matters – from when can a child sit in the front seat of a car through to technology that can help keep children safe.
  • Water safety - our leaflet giving practical advice on keeping children safe in water, indoors and outside.
  • Keep them safe – our leaflet about storing methadone and other drugs.

Out and about

  • Childalert - tips on car seat safety, child proofing, cycle safety, personal safety and shopping in safety.
  • Tales of the Road - for road safety advice
  • site - the rules around car seats.
  • Think! – advice for all road users and Think! Cycling specifically for cyclists and motorists.
  • Bikeability- cycling proficiency for the 21st century, tested over three Bikeability levels
  • DriveSMART - cycle training for children 16+.

Protecting children


Although educational and good for communicating through the internet can pose some dangers to children who can reveal information about themselves, particularly on forums and in chat rooms. They can also come across inappropriate content or be subject to bullying online – via computer or mobile phone. But there are various steps you can take to help keep them safe.