Children's improvement programme

Confident in our future

The council's ambition is that children and young people are happy, healthy, safe and confident in their future.

'Confident in our future' is the name of our children's improvement programme, which will enable us to achieve our ambition for every child and young person in Surrey by making changes to how we work on safeguarding with our partners. This includes dealing with greater demands for services due to an increase in the county's population and managing increased financial pressures.

We are currently focusing on four areas of work which are: safeguarding; special educational needs and disability (SEND); early help and Surrey Children's Single Point of Access (SPA); and future education and skills.

Our work on safeguarding is outlined in our updated children's improvement plan 2017-2018, which follows on from the Children's Services Ofsted report published in June 2015 on Ofsted website.

The Department for Education issued an improvement notice on 26 January 2016 to address all the areas for improvement identified in the above Ofsted report.

For more information about our improvement programme and plans for the future please watch our short video.

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