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Community Care Inform Children and Community Care Inform Adults provide online resources for social workers and social care professionals.


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RiP (Research in Practice)

Research in Practice supports the children's sector to build capacity for evidence-informed practice, bringing evidence-informed practice to the heart of government consultations, policy initiatives and academic research.

Helping organisations and individuals to access, understand and apply evidence in their work with children, young people and families.


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As a professional working with children, young people and families in Surrey you are entitled to access CareKnowledge as part of a Surrey-wide subscription.

This gives you instant access online to a professional body of information to support you in your practice and professional development, as well as keeping you up-to-date with the latest information via its bi-weekly emails.

You can request access to CareKnowledge, then join the various community groups.


Trauma Informed Practice

Sarah Henry (Safeguarding & Wellbeing Trainer & Consultant) delivered an inspiring workshop to practitioners from partner agencies as part of the autumn 2019 Surrey Children's Services Academy Partnership Roadshow, on the impact of trauma on children and how practitioners can support them.

We have created a 20-minute video clip highlighting key aspects of the presentation, which includes a range of reading materials and resources to support children and young people.

Fearless in Surrey - Crimestoppers is a youth service of the Charity Crimestoppers. It is aimed at 11 to 16 year olds and helps empower young people to make positive, informed decisions about reporting crime. This organisation offers e learning packages and activities for young people.

Please read both of the linked documents from Emily Drew of Fearless. Emily represents the youth service, supporting Crimestoppers in Surrey to help children in schools, promoting a number of e-learning packages and an update on the ongoing activities undertaken by Fearless, to support children in Surrey.

Working Together to Safeguard Children

Statutory guidance on inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Contextual Safeguarding Network

'The International Centre: Researching child sexual exploitation, violence and trafficking' launched the Contextual Safeguarding Network in September 2016. The Contextual Safeguarding Network brings together practitioners across the United Kingdom to share and generate knowledge on contextual approaches to safeguarding young people from violence and abuse.

The network promotes theory-informed practice and seeks to develop practice-informed research co-created with academics and practitioners. We seek to accelerate the learning from, piloting of, and contextual approaches to safeguarding by disseminating research findings and running in-person and online trainings and events.

Members are encouraged to submit ideas for training or materials so that the Research Team can respond to the identified needs of practitioners. Membership to the Contextual Safeguarding Network is free.

Educate Yourself – "Together, We Can Make Change Happen"

A knowledge hub around racial inequality called 'Educate Yourself', contains information around how to start having important conversations, fighting for an inclusive organisation and eliminating biases.

Safe Hands and Thinking Minds – Dr Karen Treisman

Safe Hands and Thinking Minds Associates draw on a range of interdisciplinary expertise, theoretical perspectives, and evidence bases to promote, solidify, and develop high standards in areas of parenting, trauma, adversity (ACE's), attachment, fostering, adoption, asylum-seeking & refugee young people, and culturally/adversity/trauma-informed and trauma-responsive organisations.

A range of free to access podcasts and resources are available