Meet the User Voice and Participation team

The User Voice and Participation team work with Surrey young people to help shape, change and develop the services positively through projects, training and their own personal experiences.


Participation Managers and Assistant Managers

"We support the team, lead on a series of young people initiated projects, plan and facilitate events, consultation groups, training days, develop service-user involvement and a variety of associated presentations.

We are passionate about empowering children and young people to make a difference, helping to develop skills and abilities to make positive contributions."

  • Jo Lang (Service Manager)
  • Jessica Clark (Team Manager)
  • Jamie Leigh Clark (Assistant Manager)
  • Olivia Davenport (Assistant Manager)
  • Lyndsey Rhodes (Assistant Manager)

User Voice and Participation Officers

  • Sommer Harvey
  • Daniel Lee-Grabowski
  • Emma Storer
  • Elora Tescari
  • Gemma Neathey
  • Nyki Curtis
  • Helen Smith
  • Sabrina Peters

User Voice and Participation Advocates and Assistants

  • Georgia Kinsella
  • Gina-Marie Munday
  • Sarah Foreman
  • Rowan Foster

Senior Team Administrator

  • Charlotte Robertson


  • Mariah Turner
  • Destiny Omonuwa
  • Amy Caddy
  • Megan Scott
  • Darren Willoughby
  • Sherie Barnett
  • Dolly Compton
  • Holly Kirtley
  • Joe Hallett-Bennett