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Young people (Virtual School)

Coronavirus: Please read Ofqual's latest publication 'Letter to students – how your summer 2020 exams will be graded' (PDF)


All children and young people, between the ages of 4 and 19, who are in the care of Surrey County Council automatically become part of Surrey's Virtual School.

There is an explanation on this site of what we are here to do – but you may also find this 'What is a virtual school?' poster (PDF) from the 'Who Cares Trust' provides something easier to understand.

At any one time there are between 500 and 550 pupils in our School, who are attending 'real' schools in places across the UK.  In every school there will be a Designated Teacher, who is responsible for supporting and helping you to make the most of your education during, what can be, tough times.

If you don't know who they are, ask your Class or Form teacher - and if that fails - just get in touch with us and we'll let you know.

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Personal Education Plan (PEP)

An important part of making sure you're able to succeed with your education is your Personal Education Plan (PEP).

We know you will have many different adults involved in your life just now putting together lots of paperwork, but your PEP is a really important document that will highlight not only all your successes, but also the things you might find difficult - with solutions to help you.

You should be a part of any conversations about your PEP, so that you get the right support and so that your views are heard. As you get older you should consider ‘chairing’ your own PEP meetings.

Whatever happens, go to these meetings, they really will make a difference for you!

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Changing schools, extra teaching and post-16

If you have had to change schools - your PEP is the key document that will move with you to your new school so the new Designated Teacher can make sure things are in place for you, and teachers who need to know how best to teach you, have the information they need.

At some point you might need some extra teaching - just to help you catch up on things you may have missed because you've had to move or haven't been able to concentrate on learning for a period of time.  These are things we can help to arrange through your school and your PEP.

If you're thinking about subject choices for your GCSE or considering how you might get back on the learning ladder you may also want some information about the possible routes into education or employment.  Take a look at the careers advice pages for more.

Let us know too, if there are things you'd like to know that you haven't been able to find out about and we'll see what we can do for you.