Social workers (Virtual School)

School admissions guidance for social workers


Please read our information on Personal Education Plans (ePEPS) or download our PEP guidance and resources (PDF)


'Mainstream schools must give the highest priority to the admission of a looked-after and previously looked after child.'

'Schools cannot refuse to admit a looked-after-child on the basis of challenging behaviour or refer a child for action under the Fair Access Protocol on this basis.'

How to apply for a school place (in or out of county)

Visit the Department of Education website to find the closest suitable school to the child's placement.

Here you can also find all the information you will need on applying for a school or college place for a looked after child.

Placing children out of their chronological year group

Please read our latest guidance and policy for details.

Children repeating a year

Please take a look at the Education Endowment Foundation's project on 'Repeating a Year' for further information on this