PEPs during Covid-19

Dear XXXX,

In light of the current situation with Covid-19 and associated Government and Local Authority advice, we understand that XXX’s Spring and Summer Term PEP will not be able to take place as normal.

In the first instance, we would encourage virtual attendance at an online meeting via Skype; Zoom or Microsoft Team for example.

As it is not possible for a typical PEP meeting to be arranged, we would ask that Social Workers / Personal Advisors conduct the PEP meeting on a 1:1 basis with the young person (remotely, if necessary) and complete the relevant parts. The content of this meeting can be recorded on Welfare Call in the EPEP document, as normal.

The Designated Teacher (DT) should then be emailed by the young person’s Social Worker/ Personal Advisor and asked to complete their sections of the EPEP document as much as possible.

If the DT does not have this information to hand then a note should be added in the relevant section (for example; regarding progress and attainment or attendance data) in a ‘free text’ box on the associated page or in the ‘feedback’ section at the end of the PEP.

A general comment can be made if issues are known, for example; “XXX would benefit from attending all classes on time and improving their overall attendance.”

If you have any further concerns or queries then please contact Surrey Virtual School on 0208 541 7761 or email at These queries will then be forwarded to relevant SVS staff.

Stay safe,

Surrey Virtual School