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Your care leaver status

The support we give you depends on what your leaving care status is. To be able to get the support described in the core offer, your time spent in care must include at least 13 weeks after you turned 14.

This could be in a single period or several different periods. You must have also been in care on or after your sixteenth birthday.

If you're not sure, you can ask your personal adviser for help or, visit the Coram website to check your status.

Coram also have a guide to help you know more about your rights.

We promise we will:

  • do the best we can to make sure where you live is right for you and you feel safe.
  • help you keep in touch with family and friends in your life.
  • listen to you and involve you fully in making plans about your life.
  • help you to develop skills that will support you throughout your life.
  • make sure you have opportunities to have fun and be happy.

What does it mean to be a care leaver

You would usually be introduced to your leaving care personal adviser when you are around 17, but you can ask for one any time after turning 16.

You will have a personal adviser until you reach at least 21, and we will keep working with you until you're 25 if you ask us to. We will meet with you to agree what the support will look like.

Your personal adviser is a different person to your social worker, and is there to help you to become independent and offer advice and support after you leave care.

Your personal adviser will support you directly whilst also coordinating any additional support you receive, either from us or our partners. They all have different backgrounds, but usually will have experience such as teaching, youth work, social work or residential care.

When will you leave care?

You'll probably leave care when you are 18, but you could leave earlier if this is better for you. If you're in foster care, you could also ask to 'stay put' which means you could stay with your foster carers until you're 21.