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Support to stay at home

We understand that there are times when you need extra support to do every day things. It could be because of age, frailty, health , disability or changing circumstance.

Whatever your situation, below are some local care options to help you live safely and independently.


Living with dementia? Get the help and support you need here

Moreabout Dementia

Regaining skills at home

Struggling with everyday tasks? Here's what's available to help you

Moreabout Help regaining skills at home

Going into and leaving hospital

Including transport, your house while you're away, and getting settled again

Moreabout Going into and leaving hospital

Advocacy and advice services

Get help expressing your views, defending your rights and more

Moreabout Advocacy and advice services for adults

Living and ageing well

Read our commitment to aging well in Surrey, and get involved

Moreabout Living and ageing well in Surrey

  • Updated: 29 Nov 2016
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