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Help maintaining or adapting your home

Making small changes or maintaining your home

Age UK operates handyperson services in over 80% of the country. These services offer extra help with small practical jobs to make your life easier and safer around the home.

You can also use the Checkatrade website to find a recommended local decorator, handyman, plumber, electrician, or builder.

Home Improvement Agency (HIA)

Home Improvement Agencies help older and/or disabled residents to adapt their homes. A number of these services are delivered by borough and district councils.

HIAs provide expert assistance in helping people to apply for grants and arranging works. They charge a fee which can be added to any grant awarded.

Even if you're not eligible for a grant, HIAs can help you get the work done privately.

Disabled Facilities Grants

If you're living with a long-term condition, you may be entitled to receive a grant to cover the cost of any changes that need to be made to your home. This could be to:

  • Widen doors and install ramps
  • Improve access to rooms and facilities – e.g. stairlifts or a downstairs bathroom
  • Provide a heating system suitable for your needs
  • Adapt heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use

How much will I get?

The maximum grant you can receive for adaptations to your home in England is currently £30,000.

If you own your home, the grant is means-tested. So depending on how much money you have (your income or any savings), you may have to contribute towards the cost or pay the whole cost.

You will not have to pay if you receive a means-test benefit, for example Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, or Income Support.

How do I apply?

You should apply for a disabled facilities grant through your borough or district council. GOV.UK provides a tool for you to check where to apply, if you are unsure.