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Getting support from Adult Social Care

The first step towards getting support from the council begins with an assessment of your care and support needs.

Anyone aged 18 or over and living in Surrey can approach us for an assessment of their support needs– or the support needs of a family member, friend or neighbour.

If you are looking after someone else and need support yourself you can ask for a carer’s assessment.

Further information is available through the links below.


The Care Act 2014 sets out a national eligibility criteria for adults and carers with support needs in England. This means that people get the same access to care and support wherever they live.

We determine your eligibility by discussing your support needs and their impact on your wellbeing with you as a part of our adult or carer social care assessments.

Read our assessments and eligibility page to find out more about the criteria used.

Social care assessments explained

An adult social care assessment is a chance for you to tell us about your situation, what you would like help with, what’s important to you, and how you would like things to change.

A carer’s social care assessment gives you an opportunity to think about how caring impacts on your daily routines, your health and wellbeing, and how willing or able you feel to carry on with your caring role. You can have an assessment on your own, or with the person you look after.

Based on your assessment, we will review your care and support needs with you and determine if you qualify for support from adult social care. We will provide you with information and advice to support you even if you do not qualify for support from us.

Before you request a support needs assessment

If you think you are unlikely to qualify for support from us, visit our 'Staying independent' section. It contains lots of information about services that could support you to stay at home for longer.

You can also find out what local support options are available for you to arrange yourself by visiting our online directory of care and support: Surrey Information Point.

Request a support needs assessment

To get an assessment you can:

  • Call or text our information and advice line to request an assessment.
  • Be referred to us for an assessment by a health professional or other agency – e.g. Age UK or your borough or district council.

However you choose to contact us, we will either provide some information and advice to help find services to improve your situation, or we will arrange a face-to-face meeting. During this meeting we find out more about your situation and then agree what kind of care and support you need.

Will I have to pay?

Assessments, information and advice are free. However there may be a cost to any care and support services you receive from us. If you qualify for support we will ask you to do a financial assessment to work out how much you can afford to pay towards this cost.

You will have to pay for the full cost of your care if you have savings of:

  • £23,250 or above for residential services
  • £24,500 or above for non-residential services

You can find out more about paying for care and what we consider when calculating your contribution on our web pages.