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How and when social care can help you

The Adult Social Care service at Surrey County Council is here to support residents – as well as carers – who have longer term and more complex needs that prevent them from doing routine things each day. We also provide short-term support to help you get back to full fitness or mobility after a hospital stay, or if you're recovering from a mental illness.

If we find you need our support, we'll speak to you to understand what would make the greatest impact on your life and wellbeing. You'll then be able to choose the support – with or without help – that helps you achieve what matters most to you. We regularly review these changes to make sure you're getting the most out of our services.

Arranging your own support

The support you choose may be provided by another organisation or person. We prefer to put you in charge of arranging your own support by giving you a direct payment.

A direct payment is an amount of money to spend on support or services of your choice to meet your eligible social care needs. We'll usually provide you with an account to make managing the direct payment easy. If you cannot manage a direct payment we'll discuss other options with you. Find out more at the link below:

Will you have to pay?

For information on paying for care, please visit the links below:

Need help deciding?

We understand that some people may need additional support when making these decisions, which may be due to mental capacity or communication difficulties. In these circumstances we're happy to arrange for an advocate who will assist in sharing your views.