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Surrey's Domestic Abuse Strategy

Domestic abuse causes harm to both adults and children, is of high cost to public agencies and employers, and produces behaviours that can be replicated from generation to generation.

This strategy is a commitment by all involved public, voluntary, community and faith organisations to work together as one, to raise awareness, to address both the causes and effects of domestic abuse and to improve lives. This will require changes to current working practices around education, information sharing, referral, service delivery and a refocusing of the money spent. The aim is to make changes that lead to improved outcomes for those affected through focussed interventions, and to reduce the total cost to the public sector through long term culture change and a reduced demand on services.

Our shared partnership vision for 2018 is to ensure all those affected by Domestic Abuse have the right information, services and support, at the earliest opportunity, to live lives free from domestic violence or abuse and gain the personal confidence to build healthy relationships for themselves and their dependants.

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