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Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference

A Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a regular local meeting to discuss how to help domestic abuse victims, aged 16 or over, at high risk of murder or serious harm. Domestic abuse specialists, police, children's social care, health and other relevant agencies all sit around the same table. They talk about the victim, the family and perpetrator, and share information. The meeting is confidential.

Together, MARAC attendees agree an action plan for each victim. They work best when everyone involved understands their roles and the right processes to follow.

SafeLives are a national charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse. The SafeLives Knowledge Hub provides professionals with tools and resources to help the effective operation of MARACs.

Files available to download

  • Surrey MARAC Protocol (460.4 KB)
    This protocol provides information on the operation of Surrey's Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences, helping to protect high risk victims of domestic abuse
  • Surrey MARAC Referral Form (73.1 KB)
    This referral form should be completed by professionals who wish to refer a high risk victim of domestic abuse to a Surrey Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference
  • Surrey MARAC Research Form (52.3 KB)
    This research form is designed to help professionals prepare before they attend a Surrey Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference