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Pet or property care while you are in hospital or care

If you have to leave home to go into hospital or a care home, you will need someone to look after your property including your pets. If you do not have a family member, good neighbour or friend to help, you can contact:

If you are admitted as an emergency the council has a responsibility to consider if it needs to make arrangements on your behalf.

If we help you with this we will make sure that your property is secure, which may include moving some of your more valuable possessions to a secure place. We will also make arrangements for looking after your pets. Wherever possible if you know of someone who will care for your pet we will contact that person and make arrangements for them to collect it. If this is not possible we will arrange a kennel, cattery or similar.

You will be expected to pay any reasonable costs and you will be assessed on what you can afford.

There are organisations which will help you plan in advance, such as the Cinnamon Trust which has an network of over 15,000 volunteers across the UK that can foster pets if you have to go into hospital.

When staying at home is no longer an option, the Cinnamon Trust offers a Pet Friendly Care Homes Register which lists residential/nursing homes that are happy to accept residents with pets. They also provide life time care for pets whose owners have died or moved into residential accommodation that will not accept pets.

If you are detained under a section of the 1983 Mental Health Act and have pets that need to be looked after during your stay in hospital, we will make arrangements for your pets accommodation free of charge whilst you are in hospital.

If you are worried about the cost of boarding your pet, you can contact us for advice.