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Adult Social Care Directorate Strategy 2016-17

The Adult Social Care Directorate Strategy 2016-17 sets out the vision and key priorities for Adult Social Care over the next couple of years. These focus around a personalised, more preventative, community-based care and support system, underpinned throughout by a collaborative approach with health and other partners. The Strategy describes how we will realise our vision and meet the demographic, policy reform and financial challenges ahead, how we need a radical strategic shift in the way we deliver services and a refocus of available resources.

Our vision

Maintain people’s independence and wellbeing through personalised care and support and by working collaboratively with partners to deliver better outcomes at less cost.

Our strategy

We will prioritise four actions for 2016/17 to support the achievement of the council’s three corporate strategy goals of wellbeing, economic prosperity and resident experience:

  1. Whole systems demand and management
    Promoting independence and resilience, signposting people towards informal community based services and offering preventative interventions.
  2. Sustainable markets and resources
    Implementing long term and sustainable pricing and workforce strategies together with our partners.
  3. Safeguarding and Equality
    Protecting people from harm and ensuring care and support services are high quality and safe.
  4. Deliver efficiency savings of £55.35m
    Operating within the cash envelope allocated to the services to deliver better outcomes at less cost.