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Adult Social Care Commissioning Strategy for older people in Surrey 2011-2020

The Adult Social Care commissioning strategy for older people is focused on the needs of people requiring support from Surrey County Council and the resources available to meet those needs. On so doing, it recognises the initiatives that can delay or even prevent older people needing support. It is about how public value can be assured and outcomes improved, particularly for people with eligible needs for support.

The aims of the strategy are to:

  • Stimulate the market to develop services which help older people make the most of personalisation and self directed support
  • Set up comprehensive commissioning arrangements for preventative services designed to improve the quality of life and maximize independence for older people and also control spend through managing increasing demand
  • Specifically improve services for dementia
  • Minimise the costs of services provided, to ensure that we can maximize our ability to help Older People in need of support. While we will do as much as is possible within the constraints of our budget, we will also taking into account the need for a sustainable market.

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