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Adult Social Care performance

Surrey Adult Social Care make information publicly available about our service and performance.

Each year we measure how our services are impacting individuals and people who care for them in a number of ways. Many of these ways are common to all local authorities in England and enable comparisons across areas. Some of the latest examples are published below.

Latest News

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Each year, every Local Authority in England submits statistics to the Department of Health around Social care finance and activity. After these returns are validated, they are made publicly available. Adult Social Care outcomes for Surrey compared to other areas can be found on the ASCOF web pages


In addition, we invite a sample of people who use our services to take part in a survey each year. The survey questions are about quality of life and the individuals experience of our care services. All councils across England do this, asking mostly the same questions. This helps the government look at the quality of social care services across the country. The results of our latest survey are published at the bottom of this page

Every two years, we also invite a sample of carers to take part in a survey to tell us about their experience of our services. Again all councils do this and will ask mostly the same questions. For more information see our full summary of the Biennial Carers Survey.

Performance Reports

Surrey County Council keeps an up to date record of key performance statistics across all the services it provides to the public. Adult Social Care is included with these measures. The three areas of performance are split in to Wellbeing, Economic Prosperity, and Resident Experience.

In addition we gather together information from all the different sources about our services and publish this in our Local Account. This document gives an overview of the achievements in the previous financial year as well as the expectations for the future, and what individuals and carers have  said is important to them. The latest copy is published at the bottom of this page.

How are we doing?

If you would like to give your views generally about our services via a user group forum or one of our consultations please visit our page: Have your voice heard.

If you would like to make a complaint about Adult Social Care you can find out how to do this by visiting our page: How to make a complaint about Adult Social Care.

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