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Housing-related support in Surrey

What is housing-related support?

Housing-related support services help people to develop or maintain their ability to live independently and to improve their quality of life.

The service is designed to support:

  • people who have experienced domestic abuse
  • people with mental health support needs
  • frail, older people with support needs
  • people with drug and alcohol problems
  • people leaving care
  • people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities
  • parents
  • people or people at risk of homelessness

Housing-related support providers help with activities such as finding employment or taking part in education or training, accessing services such as doctors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing money and claiming benefits and developing domestic and/or social skills.

You do not have to be eligible to receive social care to have access to this support. If, however, somebody needs more intensive help, this may be covered by Adult Social Care (following a financial and a needs assessment) alongside the housing-related support service.

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How is the service delivered?

There are two types of housing-related support:

  • Floating support services - this is for people living in their own properties (rented or owned).
  • Accommodation-based services - this is delivered through specific supported accommodation and/or tenancy.

Support workers will visit the person being supported at an agreed time. They will help with essential life skills identified as being needed in the person's support plan.

Surrey County Council work with providers of housing-related support to ensure services are of a good quality and that legal requirements are adhered to.

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Will I have to pay?

All short-term services provided for less than two years are free. You will however be charged rent. This can sometimes be met by Housing Benefit.

Some of the long-term services (over two years) have to be paid for. If you are not on Housing Benefit there may be a charge (people on low incomes but not getting housing benefit may be eligible for help with their support costs under the Fairer Charging rules). You will be told about this when you apply.

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How do I access housing-related support?

Contact your local borough and district housing department to get advice on the services available to you. You can also search Surrey Information Point for a list of housing-related support schemes.

If you are already in contact with an Adult Social Care team, including the Community Mental Health Recovery Service (CMHRS) or Community Drug and Alcohol Team (CDAT), they can refer you to a scheme.

The organisations that provide housing-related support will assess your support needs, and agree a support plan and outcomes to be achieved with you.

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