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Help maintaining or adapting your home

Making small changes or maintaining your home

Handyman/person schemes in Surrey

Across Surrey handyman/person services are employed or commissioned by borough and district councils, to carry out small repairs and adaptations for people experiencing difficulties maintaining and living safely within their home.

The service is open to residents, whether they own their home or rent it from council, housing association or private landlord. Charges vary depending upon local council's policy, however a range of works required to prevent falls and accidents such as installing grab rails, may be provided free of charge.

How to apply

The service can be contacted by the person who needs assistance, their family, carers or staff who are supporting them to maintain their independence. Works will be prioritised according to need and can be fast-tracked if urgent, or required before someone can be discharged from hospital. More information, including how to apply, can be found on your local borough or district website.

You may wish to make private arrangements for a contractor, beyond the council's handyperson services, using websites such as Checkatrade to find a recommended local decorator, handyman, plumber, electrician or builder.

Help making adaptations to the home

Each of the borough and district councils help older and/or disabled residents adapt their homes to meet their health needs and promote independence.

Council staff can advise on options for grants and finance, as well as arranging the works.

Disabled Facilities Grants

This grant is part of a national fund, used to adapt the homes of older and/or disabled residents. If you are living with a long-term condition, you may be entitled to receive this grant to cover the cost of any changes that need to be made to your home. This could be to:

  • Widen doors and install ramps
  • Improve access to rooms and facilities - eg stairlifts or a downstairs bathroom
  • Provide a heating system suitable for your needs
  • Adapt heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use

What is the maximum grant available

The maximum grant you can receive for adaptations to your home in England is currently £30,000. However, it might be possible to access additional discretionary funding, depending on individual case review and availability of funds.

The grant is means-tested, so depending on how much money you have (your income or any savings), you may have to contribute towards the cost or pay the whole cost.

How do I apply?

You will need a referral from one of Adult Social Care's Occupational Therapists, who are specialists in assessing needs and can advise on what adaptations or property features you need. They can work with your local council to plan what may be funded through Disabled Facilities Grant, as well as other options to pay for the adaptations you need.

To request an Occupational Therapist Assessment, please contact Adult Social Care.

You can read further details of the Disabled Facilities Grant provided by your borough or district council and how to access it by using the links to the different councils on the right hand side of this page.