Care and support for adults

Equipment to help you with personal care, washing, dressing and using the toilet


  • Bath lifts can help people get in and out of the bath especially helpful for those with balance and mobility issues and shower seats allow people to sit whilst having a shower, whilst bath boards can be used for people who can sit over the bath. These items following an assessment may also be loaned.
  • Grab rails can be used near the toilet, bath or shower to help with balance and support and folding and suction versions also available.
  • Smart toothbrushes can check whether someone has brushed their teeth or how well they have brushed their teeth by connecting to an app on a tablet or smartphone.
  • Call buttons are useful in places where falls can happen, e.g. bathrooms, and options include waterproof call buttons.


  • Various items are available to help people get dressed from simple items like shoe horns, long handled combs, button hooks and dressing sticks.
  • Wheelchair accessible clothing for wheelchair and scooter users is also available along with protective covers.
  • Smart plugs can be used with any device that connects to mains power. Plug your hair dryer, iron etc into a smart plug and then turn it on or off from your smartphone or device or check that it has been turned off.
  • Remote control sockets are controlled by a remote control and do not need a smartphone or device to control them. Plug your hairdryer, iron etc into one and control via remote control.
  • Use Surrey Information Point to search for local services, groups and organisations which can help with personal care in Surrey.

Taking care of your health at home

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