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Equipment to help with daily household tasks

Kitchen equipment

  • Items which can help with cooking include for example easy to see measuring jugs, talking kitchen scales, talking measuring jugs, talking microwave ovens and automatic pan stirrers, some of these will need a tablet or smartphone to control them.
  • Simple items which can help include easy grip mugs, bottle openers and ring pull can openers.
  • Smart kettles allow you to time when your kettle turns on, as well controlling the temperature so you know how hot the water will be. You can use these with a home hubs and voice assistants as well as smartphones.
  • Smart ovens and WIFI ovens allow you to control your oven, e.g. when to switch it on and for how long, using a smartphone or device. SGN can supply a locking cooker valve which can lock and unlock the gas supply to a cooker and you can also purchase talking induction hobs.
  • Cup or liquid level indicators can be put on the side of cups and then use audio or vibrations to say when the liquid is near the top of the cup.
  • Smart plugs can be used with any device that connects to mains power. Plug your kettle, hair dryer, iron etc into a smart plug and then turn it on or off from your smartphone or device or check that it has been turned off.
  • Remote control sockets are controlled by a remote control and do not need a smartphone or device to control them.
  • Smart dishwashers allow you to monitor or choose wash cycles.


  • Robot vacuum cleaners which will vacuum for you can be operated from your smartphone or tablet as can ones which also have robot mops.
  • Smart washing machines allow you to select or monitor wash cycles.
  • Smart heaters can also be operated from your smartphone or tablet and can bring quick and instant warmth to rooms in your house.
  • Use Surrey Information Point to search for local services, groups and organisations which can help you with daily household task

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