Care and support for adults

Support for people with dementia

Dementia is a term that describes a group of symptoms, such as memory loss, that are caused by many diseases that affect the brain. There are over 16,000 people living with dementia in Surrey. It is not a natural part of ageing and some rarer types can affect people under the age of 65.

Worried about someone?

If you are worried that you or a loved one may have dementia, you should talk to your doctor. They may be able to diagnose it or make a referral to a specialist.

NHS, Alzheimer's Society or Dementia UK websites can provide useful information about diagnosing dementia, how it can affect you, and treatments which may reduce the symptoms.

How to get make life easier at home

If you have Alzheimer's disease, or any other type of dementia, there is care and support available to help you live independently, including:

Looking after someone with dementia?

For information on what's available to help you including technology and apps to help carers, take a look at our Equipment and technology to help you live independently.

Local support in the Surrey area

Dementia Connect, Alzheimer's Society's dementia support service provides people affected by dementia with the personalised support they need, when they need it, by phone, online and face to face.

The service operates at a local and national level, connecting people with support in their community, while offering phone and online help seven days a week.


Local dementia cafes and dementia carer support groups provide support to people living with dementia and the people looking after them.

Wellbeing centres offer a variety of support services ranging from information and advice, classes and groups, drop in sessions and exercise classes. The services are aimed at supporting people with memory loss, dementia and associated problems. Specialist support workers at the Wellbeing Centre's can assist you to navigate through the maze of services and enable you to get the help and support you need when dealing with memory loss.

Surrey Information Point holds information and contact details for over 5,000 clubs, organisations and services in the Surrey area including services and organisations for someone with dementia.

You may be eligible for a council tax discount or exemption if you have a severe mental impairment.