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Continuing healthcare

Coronavirus: support and information

If you need help during the coronavirus outbreak, please see our coronavirus webpages.

You can find details of our community helpline and other ways to get support on our I need help page, and there's also help and support if you are self isolating.

If your main need for care is because of your health you may be eligible for NHS "continuing healthcare" (CHC) funded support.

NHS continuing healthcare is free (with no financial assessment). In contrast social care is not free. Contributions to the cost of your social care are determined by your income and savings.

Who do I contact?

Your eligibility for NHS continuing health care will normally be assessed by a health professional or social worker as part of your ongoing care.

If this has not happened and you think you may be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare you should contact Surrey's NHS Continuing Healthcare team.

Where can I find more information?

Lots of information about NHS continuing healthcare, the eligibility criteria and how it is assessed, is available on the internet. Use our useful links section above to help you find out more.

Who do I appeal to?

If you do not agree with the outcome of your assessment you have the right to appeal. For more information on the appeals process contact Surrey's NHS Continuing Healthcare team (Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group).

NHS Funded Nursing Care

If you think that you might be entitled to NHS Continuing Health Care or intend moving into a nursing home (and may be entitled to NHS Funded Nursing Care) please discuss this with the NHS professional responsible for your discharge from hospital.

If you are not in hospital please discuss this with the NHS professional involved in your care.

Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group has some useful information about continuing healthcare.