Care and support for adults

Mental Health legislation

What is the Mental Health Act?

The Mental Health Act sets out:

  • When you can be admitted, detained and treated in hospital against your wishes.
  • Your right to appeal and the right to get help from an advocate.
  • How you can leave hospital and what aftercare you can expect to get.

More information on the Mental Health act and what it means can be found on the Rethink website. Frequently asked questions about the Act can also be found on the Mind website.

Code of practice

The code of practice provides statutory guidance to registered medical practitioners, approved clinicians, managers and staff of providers, and Approved Mental Health Professionals, (AMHP’s) on how they should carry out statutory functions under the Mental Health Act.

Access to an Independent Mental Health Advocate

If you are detained under the Mental Health Act, you can use an Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA) to make sure you are supported in having your views heard.

For further information on Independent Mental Health Advocacy Services visit the Surrey Advocacy Service website.