Care and support statutory duties

Find out about the strategies and action plans being developed to meet our statutory duties for information and advice.

What the law says about information and advice

Under the Care Act 2014 legislation, local authorities, health organisations and care providers have a duty to provide a universal information and advice service to all residents, covering:

  • what care and support is available;
  • how residents can access care and support;
  • where residents can find independent financial advice about care and support; and
  • how residents can raise concerns about the safety or wellbeing of someone who has care and support needs.

Information and advice strategy

The Surrey Information and Advice Strategy is designed for all key agencies working in health and social care, including the voluntary, community and faith sector who provide information or signpost residents to care and support.

Surrey's Health and Wellbeing Board supports the system wide strategy to ensure all residents can access the right information and advice to help them make informed decisions and prevent or delay care needs.

Local action plans

Health and social care organisations are developing local action plans with partners in each clinical commissioning group area to share best practice and improve the universal information and advice service about care and support for residents.

The focus is on the following priorities:

  1. Residents receive consistent, clear and accurate information about care and support.
  2. Information and advice forms part of broader area level strategies, is treated as a service in its own right and is included in health and care pathways.
  3. Accurate information and signposting between organisations occurs through developing processes to share information and best practice.
  4. Information and advice provision is embedded in frontline staff training.
  5. Behavioural change is encouraged by promoting local community support and access to non-statutory services.
  6. Local and national awareness campaigns on information and advice about care and support and public health messages are supported and joined up.
  7. A consistent and sustainable social prescribing referral process is implemented.
  8. Feedback is gathered to evidence and improve information and advice service provision locally.
  9. A commissioning approach to information and advice services is reviewed and a consistent and proportionate monitoring tool is developed for organisations to review effectiveness and monitor impact.

NHS Accessible Information Standard

The NHS Accessible Information Standard is the legal guidance developed by NHS England to help people understand, and be involved in, decisions about their care and support.

It requires health and social care providers to comply when they are delivering services to a person who has an information and/or communication need which is related to or caused by a disability, impairment or sensory loss.

Care passports for people with disabilities

Care passports are available to assist healthcare staff to provide the right help during a patient's stay in hospital.