Surrey’s Information and Advice Strategy

Information and advice as a universal service available to everyone is the foundation stone of the way we deliver social care. It is based on a principle that information and advice be made available so that individuals and their families can make informed choices about the different care and support available to them in the community, to enable them to get the personalised care they need. Without this people cannot have informed choice, and, therefore, control over their life.

The Care Act 2014 formalised many of these requirements and confirmed the co-ordinating role of the local authority in ensuring a universal information and advice service works effectively in their area. However,"it is important to recognise that while local authorities must establish and maintain a service, it does not require they provide all elements of this service. Rather, under this duty local authorities are expected to understand, co-ordinate and make effective use of other statutory, voluntary and/or private sector information and advice resources available to people within their areas." Clause 3.13, Care Act 2014.

This strategy documents the approach taken in Surrey to help improve the local offer available so that residents receive a quality and consistent service when and where they receive information or advice about care and support. This strategy was co-designed with members of the Information and Advice Forum, partners who attended the Information Summit and partner communications leads. It is also informed by research and resident insight, monitoring of commissioned services and information from the current provision of local information and advice services.

Surrey's Health and Wellbeing Board has endorsed the strategy and encourages all key strategic partners in Surrey sign up to this strategy and work together on local action plans to ensure residents access the information they need at the right time and are signposted appropriately to support in the community.

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