Care and support for adults

Looking after yourself as a carer

Taking care of yourself and getting support – if you need it – is important, as caring can be very demanding physically, mentally and emotionally.

Tell your GP you are a carer

If your doctor knows you are caring for someone, they will be able to provide the advice and support that you might need. They may also be able to tell you about services that can improve your caring situation.

Surrey GPs can now also prescribe payments for a carer's break.

This money can be spent on things that might help you take a break from your caring responsibilities, or bring you some health benefit, such as replacement care, leisure or fitness classes, or equipment to support you in caring role.

Breaks for carers

Crossroads Care Surrey can help you to take a break from your caring responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that the person you care for is being looked after.

Care can be tailored around the specific needs of the person you care for. Breaks can be arranged for as little as a few hours as well as for longer periods of time, such as overnight or weekends.

For more information on breaks for carers visit the Crossroads Care Surrey website