Looking after yourself


Looking after your eyes with the right glasses or contact lenses and having regular check-ups will help keep your eyes healthy.

If you're 60 or over, you can have a free NHS eye test every two years. You can have a free test every year if you're 70 or over.

If you can't leave your home because of ill health, mobility problems or disabilities, you can have an NHS eye test at home.

Contact your usual optician to find out if they can visit you at home. Otherwise, NHS England have a list of opticians in your area that do home visits. Contact NHS England on 0300 311 223 or email england.contactus@nhs.net.


Hearing loss is a common problem that can develop with age or through repeated exposure to loud noises.

Get a hearing test if you're having problems with your hearing. If you lose your hearing suddenly, in one or both ears, you must see your GP as soon as possible.

You can have your hearing tested at your local hearing centre. Our Surrey Information Point website can help you find your local hearing centre or your local hearing aid clinic

You can also visit the Action on Hearing Loss website for an online hearing test.


Brushing your teeth properly and looking after your gums can prevent and treat gum disease, improve your overall health and help to reduce your risk of health problems, such as heart disease. NHS choices provide more information and advice on dental health and finding a local NHS dentist

If you have a regular NHS dentist and need urgent treatment, contact your dentist for advice.

If you do not have a regular NHS dentist, you can contact NHS 111. They can give you details of out-of-hours dental services in your area.


In later life, problems like corns, ingrown toenails and foot infections are more likely, particularly if you are living with long term conditions like arthritis and diabetes.

If you're having trouble looking after your feet you may need help from a podiatrist/chiropodist to keep them in good condition. Many chiropodist/podiatrists also offer home visits.

To find a registered podiatrist/chiropodist visit NHS Choices website or see the search these results on our Information Point.