Extra care housing

What is extra care housing?

Extra care housing is similar to sheltered housing in that the accommodation usually consists of individual, self-contained flats, each with its own front door.

The difference is that the level of personal care available is much higher and can be arranged according to individual needs. Care can include things like domestic support, help with meals, as well as opportunities for a range of social and leisure activities.

Extra care can be a good option if you need the security having care staff on-site 24 hours a day but do not want to lose the independence of living in your own home.

How do I find extra care housing?

There are currently 10 extra care housing schemes in Surrey which are provided by either registered housing associations or local housing authorities and offer affordable accommodation with care and support to older people. Contact your local district or borough council housing department to find out more about the extra care options in your area.

Visit the Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) HousingCare website which lists extra care housing available to buy across the UK.

The future of extra care housing in Surrey

There is a growing popularity for extra care type accommodation. In Surrey, we do not currently have enough extra care facilities to offer this choice to as many people as we would like.

Work is currently taking place with the market to develop the number needed in the longer term. The strategic vision is to stimulate the market to deliver an additional 600 extra care apartments across the county by 2025.

Visit our accommodation with care and support strategy page to find out more about our approach.