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If you are an adult who was adopted

As an adult who was adopted, you may require support to access information about your adoption, and/or advice about searching for and making contact with your birth relatives.

How you access information will depend in part on when you were adopted.

  • If your adoption took place before 30 December 2005, you should contact the General Register Office to apply to access your birth records. If you were adopted before 12 November 1975 there is a statutory requirement for you to meet with an adoption support worker, who will share with you the identifying information provided by the General Register Office (GRO).
  • If your adoption took place after 30 December 2005, you should apply direct to the adoption agency or local authority social services that dealt with your adoption.

Managing contact with birth relatives

You can register your interest in contact or in no contact with birth relatives seeking contact with you. To do this please contact the National Adoption Contact Register.

If you know the name of the adoption agency that placed you with your adoptive parents, you can also register an absolute or qualified veto to contact with them.

Additional support

Post adoption counselling

This is available to adopted adults and to birth relatives of adopted adults living in Surrey. The counselling can be arranged at the London-based Post Adoption Centre or at their monthly surgery held in Surrey. For further details contact the adoption team.

Support Group

The Surrey Support Group for Adopted Adults meets monthly and is facilitated by an adopted adult who also produces an informative newsletter several times a year. Contact our Adoption service for further details.

  • Updated: 10 Oct 2018