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We can provide advice and support to people living in Surrey affected by adoption as follows:

  • Adults adopted as children
  • Birth relatives of an adopted person
  • Young People under 18 years of age and families with an adopted child
  • If you are pregnant, and considering adoption for your child

Adoption touches the lives of many people in different ways. Adoption South East's Woking Team are available on 01932 794347, and by email:

Adoption general enquiry form

If you're an adult who was adopted as a child

As an adult who was adopted, you may require support to access information about your adoption, and/or advice about searching for and making contact with your birth relatives. How you access information will depend in part on when you were adopted.

If your adoption took place before 30 December 2005, you should contact the General Register Office to apply to access your birth records. If your adoption took place after 30 December 2005, you should apply directly to the adoption agency or local authority social services that dealt with your adoption (if this is known.)

Please be aware that if you were adopted before 12 November 1975 there is a statutory requirement for you to meet with an adoption support worker, who will share with you the identifying information provided by the General Register Office (GRO).

To register your interest in contact or to say that you would not wish for any contact with members of your birth family, get in touch with The National Adoption Contact Register, which is based in Southport. If you register, and a member of your birth family has registered or registers in the future, then you will be informed. Please be aware that there is a fee for this service. Further information and an application form can be obtained from GOV.UK.

Adopted persons support group

A Support Group for Adopted Adults living in Surrey meets monthly, and is facilitated by an adopted adult.

Contact us on the number above for further details.

Birth relatives of an adopted person

There is no automatic right to receive information about the identity or whereabouts of an adopted person -whether the person is a child or an adult. However, we are able to provide general advice and support to birth relatives, and subject to agreement of the adoptive family it may be possible to exchange information or for us to support contact -whether this is by a face to face meeting or a letter box exchange.

If you wish to discuss information sharing or contact with a person who was placed for adoption contact us for an initial discussion on the number above.

Support for adopted young people and their adoptive families

Many of our services to adoptive families are available without an assessment of need.

You would simply need to contact us to establish one of the following applies:

  • You are known already to our service having been assessed and approved as prospective adopters by Surrey County Council (approvals prior to 1st April 2020) or by Adoption South East (approvals after April 1st 2020)
  • You have adopted a child who was previously in the care of Surrey County Council
  • You live in the county of Surrey and pay council tax to one of the Surrey Borough and were assessed and approved by another adoption agency that is willing to verify this to our Woking Team.

Examples of the support available if you meet the above criteria includes:

  • Access to a secure website for Surrey adopters
  • We run three to four family events a year for adoptive families.
  • Regular training for adopters.
  • Our fortnightly adoptive parent and toddler group.
  • We provide a monthly daytime drop-in for adoptive families
  • One off consultation with a social worker or an educational psychologist.
  • A therapeutic support group for adoptive families

Assessments of adoption support needs

Our Woking team can provide assessments of adoption support needs for adopted children and families living in Surrey, ( unless the child was placed and adopted from another local authority-in which case that local authority must provide any assessment requested during the initial 3 years following the child's adoption.)

An assessment of adoption need might result in one off- advice, signposting to another service better able to address the needs identified in the assessment such as a Child and Adolescence Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Where it is agreed that ASE are the best placed service to provide support a plan would be agreed with our Woking Team. This could involve a period of involvement with one of our team or commissioning support from an independent adoption support provider funded through the Adoption Support Fund.

Contact us on the number at the top of this section to discuss you support needs further.

If you are pregnant and wish to discuss adoption

We work in partnership with Surrey Children's Services to support any woman who is considering relinquishing a child for adoption.

Alternatively if you prefer to discuss a referral with us directly please contact us on the number at the top of this section or discuss a referral with your midwife.

Other organisations offering support to Surrey residents affected by adoption