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Adoption support

Adoption touches the lives of many people in different ways. We can advise you about support available whether you are:

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Before you adopt – information for those considering adoption

  • Our team can give you advice about the process.
  • We offer weekly Readiness to Adopt information sessions at our offices. You can book to meet a member of the team to discuss your interest in adoption.
  • If we have accepted your expression of interest we offer an hours initial preparation session during stage one of the adoption process, followed by a three-day training course during stage two.
  • You can do your own research by visiting the First4Adoption and Coram websites.
  • After a child is placed with you, social workers will visit whilst you get to know each other and until the child is legally adopted (usually some months following first joining the new family).

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Thinking about adoption for your child?

Help is available to you if your child is to be placed for adoption from our Birth Relative Worker:

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Seeking contact with your adopted child

We have advice on the options open to you.

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After you adopt

You and your family have a right to request support as outlined in The Adoption Passport.

Help and support is provided in many different ways:

  • Ask our Adoption Support team to assess your support needs and recommend appropriate support. This could include financial help, education advice, support with contact or life-story work with a social worker to help the child make sense of their past.
  • Partner agencies, including the Post Adoption Centre can give support and advice on parenting adopted children.
  • We provide a secure website for Surrey adopters, and regular newsletter with contributions from adopters and adoption workers.
  • We run three to four family events a year for adoptive families.
  • Regular training for adopters.
  • Our fortnightly adoptive parent and toddler group.
  • We provide a monthly daytime drop-in for adoptive families, with opportunity for one off consultations with a social worker or an educational psychologist.
  • A children's group for adopted children.

For more information on any of these please give us a call on 01932 794347.

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If you are an adult who was adopted

To access your birth records (birth name, date of adoption and name of court involved) you can contact the General Register Office (GRO). If you were adopted after 30 December 2005 you can also obtain this information from the agency or social services that dealt with your adoption.

To register your interest in contact or no contact with members of your birth family, get in touch with The National Adoption Contact Register, which is based in Southport. If you register, and a member of your birth family has registered or registers in the future, then you will be informed. There is a fee if you wish to register. Further information and an application form can be obtained from GOV.UK.

Post adoption counselling is available from the London and Leeds based Post Adoption Centre.

In Surrey there is a monthly support group for adopted adults. For further information please contact us on 01932 794347.

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Support organisations

There are many organisations providing support and information you may find useful: