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Adoption case studies

Learn about our children and hear stories from some of our families who have successfully adopted

Many of our children are matched with new families very quickly once adoption is agreed as best meeting their needs. These are mainly pre-school age children without significant needs.

However some children may wait longer; these tend to be children who are of school age or who display developmental delay, special health or education needs, need to be placed alongside sibling groups or who are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Often prospective adopters think that they would not have the confidence or right support to care for these children, and so part of the challenge for us is to work with families to inspire them to develop the confidence and skills they will need, alongside putting the right support in place. This is one of our priorities in order to give these children the opportunity to join a new family.

If you would like to know more about our children contact our recruit team.

Ellie and Ethan*

Ellie and Ethan are brother and sister who have a close bond and need a family able to care for them together. They are described as loving children to be around with bright and bubbly personalities. Ellie and Ethan came to live with their foster carer after experiencing neglect in their birth family.

Ellie is six years old and a happy and very smiley little girl. She enjoys colouring, puzzles and playing outside and loves Peppa Pig and Mr Tumble. She enjoys dressing up as a princess and also loves having her hair played with. Ellie attends a gymnastics and trampolining club once a week which she loves. She receives extra help at school through a special needs unit, as she is currently delayed in her development, mostly her speech and language. Ellie has made huge progress since coming to live in her foster home.

Ethan is a bright and chatty four year old little boy who is very sociable. He is an inquisitive child with a thirst for knowledge and loves learning about the world around him. Ethan enjoys building things out of Duplo, anything to do with pirates and puzzles. He is doing very well at school where he has made lots of friends.

Lily and Noah*

Lily, five, and Noah three, are siblings who need an adoptive home together. They are very close to each other, and love spending time together. They did not have a good start to their lives, having experienced neglect, and witnessed domestic violence.

Lily is a fun-loving, outgoing little girl. She has the most amazing beautiful blue eyes. Lily always has a cheerful smile and loves to chatter. Very much a little girl, she loves the colour pink and playing with her dolls. She is very good at arts and crafts, showing a lot of concentration, and takes great delight in going swimming. She is a little girl that likes nothing better than to snuggle up for a cuddle.

Noah is a happy, cheeky little boy, who is very handsome with his blonde hair and captivating smile. Typical of little boys, he likes building things and enjoys physical activities such as football and swimming.


Olivia is a very happy and engaging 21 month old little girl who has a fantastic giggle. She is a very pretty little girl with big brown eyes and very long eye lashes she likes to flutter at people. Olivia is very sociable, and she enjoys being around people and children. She loves to play with her pretend kitchen and with her baby dolls, as well as going to soft play. Olivia loves bath time where she enjoys soaking everyone as she has a really good splash around! She also loves music and will dance along to songs she hears.

Olivia is currently behind with her physical development, however Olivia is making progress all the time. She is a chatty little girl who is saying quite a few words and enjoys babbling to herself, and she has also taken her first few steps very recently.

Her foster carers say Olivia is a complete delight to care for as she is so cheerful and easy-going.

Riley, Dylan and Isabelle*

Riley, seven, Dylan, six and Isabelle, four, are siblings who are looking for a home together. They are affectionate and happy children who are all very sociable and enjoy playing together. They came into foster care after experiencing neglect in their birth home.

Riley is a chatty and engaging little boy who also has a very caring and sensitive side. He enjoys playing outside, drawing and playing with his cars and trains. Riley loves Batman and Transformers and the film Cars. He likes to help the foster carers around the house and be part of what is happening.

Dylan is a friendly and cheerful little boy with a very sweet nature. He likes to play with his brother and sister, and will happily play cars and trains with Riley or play dressing up in different costumes with Isabelle. Dylan loves Toy Story and really enjoys riding his bike. Dylan has extra support at school, especially with his speech and language, and he is making really good progress.

Isabelle is a bubbly and bright little girl who is described by her foster carers as having a great sense of humour. She can seem shy at first when she meets people, but soon becomes chatty and vibrant and loves to talk to those around her. Isabelle can be very girly and loves to dress up as a princess and playing with Barbies. She also likes to play with her brothers, building train tracks and playing with cars or outside.


Sofia is 2 ½ years old. She is a happy, cheeky little girl who is always laughing and smiling. She is very beautiful, with the most amazing blue eyes. Her great sense of humour and infectious personality draw everyone to her. She loves to look at books and read along, enjoys playing with her toys and having days out.

Sofia's foster carer describes her as a sweet and bubbly little girl to care for. Sofia does all the things a little girl of her age does, such as going to nursery where she is very popular with staff and children. Her vocabulary is extensive and she enjoys having conversations with those around her. Her favourite question at the moment is 'why'.

Sofia does have some medical needs which affect her mobility. She is not daunted by this and is very competent at getting around. If Sofia was able to express her wish for a 'forever adoptive family', it would be a family who can see past her mobility, as this does not worry her. She is enjoying her life to the full.


William is a smiley and sociable 8 month old baby. He loves being around people and will happily show you his lovely smile if you say hello to him. He has lived with his foster carers since he was twelve days old, as it was decided his birth parents could not meet his needs, due to them both suffering from mental health conditions.

William loves looking at books, being sung to and he adores bath time. He is a little delayed in his physical development but making good progress. He has just learnt to sit up by himself and he is a chatty baby who enjoys babbling to himself. William is trying new foods and enjoys his bottles. He has just started teething and has his first few teeth starting to come through.

Williams' foster carers say he is a 'completely gorgeous baby who is a real charmer' and that he is a joy to care for as he has such a sweet nature and laid back temperament.

* all names have been changed to protect the children.

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