Schools Pay and Reward Review – past updates and documents

Below are previous updates that we have given on the Schools Pay and Reward Review since it began. You can also read the most recent news, and view the initial context and consultation documents.

October 2018 update

Schools Surrey Pay Review 2019/2020

The council's policy and reward team attended the bursar briefing meetings, during the first two weeks of October to provide a progress update on the Surrey Pay review for 2019 and onwards. One of the key aims of the review is to align schools' and non-schools Surrey Pay policies and pay bands as far as practicable. The scope of the review has been updated as set out below

Schools Surrey pay support staff

The following Surrey Pay policy areas will be considered

  • Sick pay
  • Recognition scheme
  • On-call
  • Pay enhancement for unsocial hours working
  • Schools lettings arrangements
  • Reviewing schools and non-schools Surrey Pay bands and pay progression arrangements
  • Pay year start date review
  • Voluntary severance scheme

Schools Surrey pay support staff and teaching staff

  • Car user lump sum

We are aiming to complete phase 2 by April 2019.

The presentation shared at the meetings (PDF) is attached below, which sets out the 'headline' changes for the current proposals. It is important to note that at this stage these proposals are subject to change and will not be finalised until November. We are aiming to implement changes by April 2019, subject to consultation the timeline for the review has also been updated as follows:

The following are key project milestones for Surrey Pay 2019/2020 review:

  • 7 November 2018 - People, Performance and Development Committee (PPDC), proposals for consultation agreed.
  • w/c 12 November 2018 - Consultation pack to be circulated via school bursars and uploaded onto this site. Copies to be provided to the trade unions.
  • December 2018 - Staff consultation, outcomes and final offer.
  • January 2019 - Trade Union Ballot their members. The council is seeking to reach a collective agreement with UNISON and GMB on the Surrey Pay arrangements for 2019/2020.
  • February 2019 - PPDC, outcome of trade union ballot and next steps confirmed.
  • March – May 2019 - Notice of any changes to Surrey Pay terms and conditions.
  • April 2019 - Implementation of agreed changes to Surrey Pay terms and conditions for 2019/2020.

MyBenefits - staff voluntary benefits scheme

An update of the new voluntary benefits scheme (PDF) was also provided. This scheme is available to all staff (support staff and teachers) in schools using the council's payroll service. Bursars were provided with a supply of benefit cards to distribute within their schools. A copy of the presentation is attached below, please read for more details of the scheme, eligibility and to discover how much you can save, alternatively look on the council's MyBenefits webpages.

September 2018 update

Schools Surrey Pay Review 2019/2020

We are pleased to inform you that the schools reward review programme is progressing. During August, we met with the trade unions; GMB and UNISON and shared the scope of the programme (detailed below) and impact on Surrey Pay staff in schools. In addition we discussed the timeline for the review which is set out below:

Proposed timelines

The following are key project milestones:

  • 7 November 2018 - People, Performance and Development Committee (PPDC), proposals for consultation agreed.
  • December 2018 - Staff consultation, outcomes and final offer.
  • January 2019 - Trade Union Ballot for collective agreement.
  • February 2019 - PPDC, final decision.
  • March – May 2019 - Notice of any changes to Surrey Pay terms and conditions.
  • April – August 2019 - Interim pay award for schools Surrey Pay staff.
  • 1 September 2019 - Proposed start of new pay year.

Schools engagement

All schools phases are invited to have a voice through representation on the schools reward steering group. To ensure you are kept up to date with progress and actions we will provide regular formal and informal engagement with schools and the relevant trade unions throughout the project.
All staff should be encouraged to review this webpage on a regular basis. We will also include copies of all documents circulated so you don't miss anything.

Next steps

An update on developments to date will be provided at the following meetings:

  • Schools forum – September 2018
  • Autumn bursar briefings – October 2018
  • Schools' governors briefing – November 2018

We encourage all heads, governors, bursars and schools business managers to attend these meetings.

We will also publish further updates in the Schools Bulletin so look out for these.

July 2018 update

Surrey Pay and Reward Review Programme

As highlighted in the schools bulletin, Phase 1 of the Surrey Pay & Reward Review launched job families and a new appraisal scheme, which came into effect on 1 April 2018. Head Teachers and Chairs of Governors are responsible for reviewing and ensuring implementation of all mapping decisions and pay changes by the end of the Autumn term. Support on this, if required, is available from our Schools Information Pack.(PDF)

Trade Union consultations for Phase 2 commenced on 24 July 2018. We discussed the scope and overview of the programme, project delivery timelines and a communications plan and will continue to work with the Trades Unions as this next phase of the programme is progressed. Surrey County Council recognises GMB and UNISON for collective bargaining purposes but values the additional insight provided by the schools unions, who we will continue to meet with throughout phase 2 implementation.

The scope of the programme has been widened to include Work base Relocation Grant (WBRG) and Voluntary Redundancy (VR) severance payments, with the aim of harmonising these between schools and non-schools SCC staff.

We will be posting regular updates as the programme progresses so please do check this website regularly for further news.

June 2018 update

Phase 2: Schools Reward Review Programme

Phase 2 of the Schools reward programme commenced this month. The purpose of phase 2 is to align schools' to non-schools Surrey Pay policies and pay bands. We are aiming to complete phase 2 by April 2019.

The following Surrey Pay policy areas will be considered;

Schools support staff

  • On-call
  • Sick pay
  • Car user lump sum
  • Recognition scheme
  • Schools lettings arrangements
  • Pay enhancement for unsocial hours working
  • Pay progression (pay model)
  • Linking pay to performance
  • Pay year start date review
  • Align schools and non-schools Surrey Pay bands


  • Review local discretion on Car user lump sum

Meetings with the trade unions are being arranged throughout phase 2 and we will continue to post updates on this website as well as writing directly to Headteachers as necessary.

March 2018 update

A separate joint statement with the Trade Unions has been added to this webpage setting out the agreed 2018/2019 Surrey Pay settlement for school's based Surrey Pay staff effective from 1 April 2018.

Since the last update, we have been liaising with the Trades Unions to moderate the many grade/role anomalies. They have been very complimentary on the robustness of this process, which has instilled confidence.

We are now finalising a comprehensive information pack, which will enable you to implement the Job Families with effect from April. These can be used for new joiners from 1 April, where grades have been agreed.

This schools reward website will also be updated to include:

  1. A video to talk you through mapping outcomes, next steps, appraisals and raising queries;
  2. Updated job families, sample job roles and template letters to support consultation, in the Job Families Toolkit;
  3. Appraisal policy and guidance.

For any advice or support, please contact Babcock HR Consultants (0800 073 4444, option 3 or

January 2018 update

Following our recent discussions with the Steering Group, Schools Forum and trade union colleagues about the complexity of the analysis of anomalies that have come to light, and delays in receiving the supplementary information needed to start this analysis, it was agreed that outcomes from the job families mapping exercise will not be available to share with schools until February 2018 (not December 2017 as previously communicated). The timetable has been updated.

Of those maintained schools who submitted their job family workforce data spreadsheet (JFWDS) forms, over 200 schools have indicated that they have roles which mapped differently from the current grade levels, and have been asked to provide the existing job description for the position and a rationale for why it maps differently. This helps us to evaluate the role. See our easy to follow guide (PDF) about what we need from you.

While the response rates from schools has improved greatly over the last few weeks, we are still some way off receiving the required information from all the relevant schools who highlighted anomalies (i.e. roles which mapped differently to the current grade). We encourage all headteachers to support their bursars in providing this information. An overview of the responses as at 7 November 2017 (PDF) is available.

Liz Mills has written to all Heads of maintained schools to explain the implications if we don't receive a JFWDS or rationale to support their mapping decisions. Budget concerns are also addressed in the Q&As of this letter.

October 2017 update

The annual pay review for schools-based Surrey Pay staff has been delayed pending further clarity in relation to the Government's planned funding cuts in education, and the need to understand the impact of the significant savings schools are required to make by 2020. A specific schools focus group of head teachers has worked with the council's pay team to help shape the pay offer.

A two-year settlement is being offered to schools-based Surrey Pay staff which will provide an element of security for staff, and transparency in relation to better alignment of schools and non-schools Surrey Pay bands.

Extension of deadlines

The deadline for the return of completed Job Family Workforce Data Spreadsheets (JFWDS) and feedback on the consultation of proposed job families was extended from 13 October 2017 to 7 November 2017 as a number of maintained schools had not returned their JFWDS forms.

Schools who submitted anomalies were also requested to provide additional information to substantiate their mapping decisions i.e. to send existing job profiles*/job descriptions together with the schools rationale.

See Table 2 - Supplementary guidance on what information is needed where a role is an anomaly (PDF); and letter that has been sent out to all relevant school Heads/Bursars/School Business Managers about this.

To avoid confusion, the term 'job/role profile' has been used interchangeably to mean the same thing as a current job description as we appreciate that this is the terminology more commonly used within the schools sector. In future, however, once the job families are implemented and in use from April 2018, the term 'job/role profile' will be used more commonly to describe the work and accountabilities of the job and replace the term 'job description'.

This is because while a job description is essentially a list of tasks, a job profile is these tasks categorised in groups (accountabilities) which is how the new job families are described. Where schools feel that more information/clarity about the work activities/tasks is required, it will be possible to do this by adding the necessary detail in the work or local context sections of the new role profile template.

September 2017 update

Following the Schools Forum meeting on 17 July, we wrote to all heads of maintained schools and academies to give an update on the consultation of the proposed school job families. Many of the heads wanted further clarity about our proposed approach to the implementation of the job families, and to hear more about next steps.

To allow time for more engagement with schools and consultation with staff, the Steering Group agreed that the formal launch date for the job families should therefore be deferred from 1 January to 1 April 2018. The initial consultation period which commenced on 15 May will officially end on 13 October 2017, after which no more feedback may be submitted. The project group will then consider the feedback and investigate the issues raised.

Another development has been the academies heads' growing interest in the proposed job families, particularly for those multi academy trusts (MATs) which employ staff on Surrey Pay. Additional briefing sessions were delivered on 27 September and 5 October so that all academies could fully understand the benefits of job families and why it is in their interest to implement them in their Trusts.

June 2017 update

Briefing sessions were delivered to Surrey maintained schools and Academies across various geographical locations during May and June 2017. We spoke to over 400 schools' bursars/business managers, head teachers and school governors from over 200 schools.

Files available to download