Job families toolkit for academies

What is the Job Family toolkit for academies?

Surrey's Job Family concept was developed over three years as part of our modernisation of terms and conditions of employment across the organisation (for both schools and non-schools based Surrey Pay roles).

The job families were developed in partnership with trade union colleagues using the Hay Job Evaluation methodology, with additional support from the Korn Ferry Hay Group. We also complied with the Code of Practice of the English language requirement for public sector workers.

Four of the eight job families within Surrey's model are relevant for schools.

Job families and role profiles provide a transparent framework for career development. The role profiles provide clear signposts for progression through a particular job family, and also between families.

We recognise that for many schools and academies the cost of investing in your own job evaluation system can be very expensive and time consuming. Mirroring the council's grading and pay arrangements has many benefits; it saves time in writing role profiles, includes the facility to add local context, provides transparency and a clear career pathway for staff, ensures equal pay considerations are met, avoids the need for local bargaining processes with the trade unions and ultimately results in savings and efficiencies for schools.

Although you have been invited to attend the job family briefing sessions at no cost, we cannot provide the Job Families Toolkit free of charge. It is the intellectual property of Surrey County Council and, in order to contribute to the development costs, is being marketed to other organisations for a small fee.

For academies (including stand-alone academies and multi academy trusts) the fees are:

  • 1 - 400 pupils: £450
  • 401 - 1500 pupils: £1000
  • Over 1500 pupils: £1200

What's in the toolkit?

The toolkit includes the following:

  • Job Families Toolkit Handbook (Word document) which contains:
    • Job Family Matrix - showing the levels across different families
    • Job Families Overview - a summary description of all four Schools job families
    • Job Family Role Summaries, each including:
      • Job family name and type (generic or occupational)
      • Surrey Pay grade
      • HAY score
      • Role summary
      • Representative accountabilities
      • Education, knowledge, skills and abilities, experience and personal characteristics needed
  • Job Family role summaries x4 (Excel)
  • Role profile templates x4 (Excel)

The role profile templates are self-populating with generic information from each of the role summaries, with an option to add local context. They also include guidance on completion.

The templates will be provided 'unprotected', for you to protect once you start to work on them. Instructions on how to protect/unprotect the spreadsheet and how to make changes to the role profile template are provided in the Job Family Toolkit Handbook.

How can we buy the toolkit?

  1. Complete the Job Family Toolkit Purchase Order Form (below) and return it by email to the SCC HR Pay and Reward team at
  2. We will send you a Memorandum of Understanding for you to sign and return as your acceptance of the terms and conditions for the use of the toolkit.
  3. The job family toolkit will then be sent by email to the person within the academy who is named on the Purchase Order Form.

What support is available once we buy the toolkit?

Up to two hours of telephone consultancy support will be provided free of charge for academies that purchase the toolkit, and will cover:

  • An overview of the documentation provided
  • The purpose of each document
  • How to use the role profile templates.

Any amendments made to the toolkit for maintained schools during or after the consultation period will be forwarded to you at no extra cost.

What if a role doesn't fit into any of the job families?

Additional consultancy support from one of our trained HAY consultants can be purchased for full job evaluation on a per role basis. Typical examples of when this might be needed are:

  • Where roles do not benchmark to a job family, ie the role is "unique"
  • Where there is a dispute or appeal against a benchmarking decision
  • When additional support is needed to evaluate a role.

Who do we contact?

If you have any questions or would like to access the telephone consultancy, write to .

Files available to download