School meals portal

This page has moved, December 2022

Information about the school meals portal and the link to gain access has moved to:

Twelve15 website to access the portal.

Your login details for the portal have not changed, and you do not need an additional account to access the portal.

Income reports are now also being transferred to the same location, this will be complete by February 2023 when this page (on the Surrey County Council website) will no longer be available. Please bookmark the above link and use that from now on.

Through the school meals portal you can:

  • submit figures of all school meals provided (pupil, adult and duty) to our income team
  • view past school meals figures submissions
  • download the school meals income report
  • see other useful information.

Log in

To submit numbers of school meals to us and view previous figures:

Meal figures

To download reports on your school meals income, to help with reconciliation work:

Income reports

Please use your unique login details, sent to you in an introductory email along with the work instructions. If you do not have your login details please contact us.


You can also find the work instructions below and on the portal sites:

You will always receive confirmation when your school meals figures have been successfully submitted.


If you need help please contact the Business Operations Banking Team:


Files available to download