Requests for reports from independent schools

Our guidance to Surrey maintained primary schools receiving requests for independent school reports has been agreed with primary council and is as follows:

  1. Maintained schools should provide the most current pupil report to any school requesting it as part of its admission procedures free of charge and subject to parents' permission.
  2. Maintained schools may charge a fee to another school for any customised or bespoke report or form that they are asked to complete by that school as part of its admission arrangements (again subject to parents' permission).
  3. This fee would range from £30 - £45 per report depending on the length of the report and the seniority of the member of staff who has to complete it.

There has been discussion about creating a standardised reporting procedure; in principle we support this but in light of budget constraints there is not currently the resource to progress this. So primary schools should rely on the guidance above.